During the past few years, Thailand has considerably increased its e-commerce presence and consumption. As a matter of fact, Thailand has, in 2024, approximately 43.5 millions e-commerce users, which represents approximately 60% of its population. In terms of value, Thailand represents the second largest e-commerce market in South East Asia, just after Indonesia, with over 980 billions baht (USD 28 billion) according to the chief executive of Priceza and honorary president of the Thailand E-Commerce Association, Thanawat Malabuppha.

In 2021, Thailand is the world’s 53rd-largest country by area, 20th-largest by population, and the 28th-largest in the world by economic size. With a newly industrialized emerging market economy, international investors know the country for its robust growth rates that are being driven by a rapidly expanding population and growing exports around the world.